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Sep-01-2016 / 01:46:37 Central Standard Time - USA
Oct-14-2015 / 11:54:36
  From: oszczedny
:)hello i am form poland

Aug-25-2015 / 00:12:35
  From: anonymous

Sep-12-2014 / 09:40:56
  From: dirtysocks
has anyone a pair of clean socks for me?

May-28-2014 / 03:18:26
  From: Jay
Good evening, strangers. :)

Mar-31-2014 / 00:18:34
  From: anonymous

Mar-11-2014 / 13:03:38
  From: anonymous
Hi there

Mar-03-2014 / 20:08:43
  From: anonymous

Jan-21-2014 / 06:44:50
  From: ulosla

Jan-16-2014 / 18:08:21
  From: anonymous

Jan-16-2014 / 15:25:38
  From: anonymous
A lot to do. Too tired to keep doing it. It never ends. Can't stop.

Jan-15-2014 / 23:18:47
  From: anonymous
Aurgh!!! WHERE DO I START???

Jan-15-2014 / 18:10:02
  From: anonymous
I want to be free

Jan-15-2014 / 18:09:23
  From: anonymous
God help me

Jan-01-2014 / 02:10:38
  From: J
Happy New Year!

Dec-27-2013 / 02:40:50
  From: J
Ahhhhhhhh! Back to work!

Dec-21-2013 / 10:58:58
  From: anonymous

Dec-03-2013 / 05:21:07
  From: anonymous

Nov-29-2013 / 00:51:08
  From: Jay
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Oct-21-2013 / 09:18:00
  From: mmmmm

Oct-04-2013 / 10:30:22
  From: anonymous
What reference?

Sep-27-2013 / 00:03:13
  From: What do you want?
Anyone get the reference?

Sep-20-2013 / 21:20:33
  From: anonymous
**ing hell

Sep-15-2013 / 10:21:58
  From: anonymous

Aug-06-2013 / 19:17:32
  From: anonymous

Jun-29-2013 / 04:06:19
  From: anonymous

Jun-02-2013 / 14:22:22
  From: anonymous
hate of game

Jun-02-2013 / 14:21:50
  From: anonymous

Apr-24-2013 / 12:04:21
  From: anonymous
Death to all BOTS!

Apr-24-2013 / 12:01:58
  From: ADMIN
Another test for the captcha over mobile.

Apr-24-2013 / 11:57:40
  From: ADMIN
New Captcha in place! Hopefully no more bots

Apr-24-2013 / 11:56:44
  From: anonymous
test this!

Apr-23-2013 / 07:56:24
  From: anonymous
finally cleaed this up. Looks like i need to put captcha

Feb-06-2013 / 13:46:35
  From: Aziz Makouf

Feb-06-2013 / 13:46:17
  From: anonymous


Feb-05-2013 / 15:02:34
  From: A fun person!
the randomness of the internet

Jan-22-2013 / 02:36:58
  From: avalam bavalam
large hadron collider

Jan-04-2013 / 13:17:18
  From: anonymous
This site has no end game

Dec-24-2012 / 04:31:20
  From: anonymous

Dec-04-2012 / 00:19:27
  From: buy diablo 3 gold
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Nov-22-2012 / 05:25:46
  From: anonymous

Nov-07-2012 / 21:44:54
  From: anonymous

Nov-04-2012 / 15:14:47
  From: anonymous
Somewhere in NYI'll have to look into the EEOC further. I've seen plpeoe who came back from disability and within a month they were forced into resigning because of the new Q/A process. People who had been here for 10 or more years, over the age of forty, forced to quit because they, within the last 6 months, could not keep up with the workloads. This is a great tool to develop a lawsuit. I'm in!

Nov-02-2012 / 13:18:36
  From: anonymous

Oct-29-2012 / 01:59:41
  From: anonymous

Jul-26-2012 / 00:54:25
  From: anonymous
now that is speaking your mind

Jul-24-2012 / 17:18:22
  From: anonymous
I keep having nightmares about running into my ex girlfriend in public and me being terrified that she's going to have me thrown in jail through the while nightmare.

Jul-14-2012 / 10:05:06
  From: anonymous
well what do you want to see???

Jul-11-2012 / 20:08:03
  From: anonymous
Its time you update the site some.. I keep coming back hoping for some new stuff!!

May-11-2012 / 08:58:33
  From: anonymous

May-04-2012 / 05:07:56
  From: Google

May-04-2012 / 05:06:16
  From: Apple
Hi!!! This is my first time visiting this site!!!

Apr-15-2012 / 23:52:15
  From: Bogey
This site changed a lot...

Mar-28-2012 / 07:30:52
  From: anonymous
Please could you tell me how to post a picture as i onnact find where to lol Reply:November 30th, 2010 at 3:59 pmYes, go to the bottom of the thumbnails and click the small blue button. You will need to have your image on a blog page, or Flickr page and then link the URL of your image's page.

Mar-19-2012 / 10:48:53
  From: natas

Mar-11-2012 / 05:34:44
  From: anonymous
Just noticed an alarm being rsiaed about climate change and forest fires in Northern areas. A study was released to have an audience in Cancun, and is reported in Yahoo, Reuters and elsewhere. The lead from Yahooubarctic wildfires a runaway climate change' riskPARIS (AFP) – Global warming is driving forest fires in northern latitudes to burn more frequently and fiercely, contributing to the threat of runaway climate change, according to a study released Sunday.Increased intensity of fires in Alaska's vast interior over the last decade has changed the region from a sink to a source of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas most responsible for heating up the planet, the study found.On balance, in other words, boreal forests in the northern hemisphere may now soak up less of the heat-trapping gas than they give off.However, the reports don't tell the whole story. UC Irvine has published a (more comprehensive) study with a different conclusion:The effect of post-fire stand age on the borealforest energy balanceFire in the boreal forest renews forest stands and changes the ecosystem properties. The successional stage of the vegetation determines the radiative budget, energy balance partitioning, evapotranspiration and carbon dioxide flux. . . .Although fire has always determined stand renewal in these forests, increased future area burned could further alter the radiation balance and energy partitioning, causing a cooling feedback to counteract possible warming from carbon dioxide released by boreal fires.The study is referenced in Science Daily, and the full PDF available from UC Irvine.

Mar-02-2012 / 21:54:49
  From: anonymous

Mar-02-2012 / 21:54:47
  From: anonymous

Mar-01-2012 / 05:34:08
  From: anonymous

Feb-29-2012 / 10:29:45
  From: anonymous
I'm looking for your fantastic Linux distro. Did you build it?

Feb-19-2012 / 21:27:17
  From: anonymous
shadev pal

Feb-10-2012 / 04:32:27
  From: anonymous
umm odd post.
besides that that love and marriage thing is funny

Feb-10-2012 / 04:06:34
  From: victor
Love is holding hands in the street.Marriage is holding arguments in the street.

Feb-10-2012 / 04:06:17
  From: anonymous
Love is holding hands in the street.Marriage is holding arguments in the street.

Feb-02-2012 / 09:49:48
  From: im going to ** ur mother tonig

Jan-31-2012 / 00:44:32
  From: lasix online
I added your blog to bookmarksa

Jan-28-2012 / 12:47:38
  From: anonymous
I want to make a Operating system
Any websites

Jan-26-2012 / 05:32:12
  From: anonymous
hmm it seems like someone is trying to get ahold of someone..

Jan-25-2012 / 17:12:37
  From: Urgetegon
Hwantto say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

Jan-24-2012 / 11:41:09
  From: anonymous
If you need help developing this site further, I might be willing to **ist you to some exctent. Its an overall nice "project" and I think you could make something out of it.

Hit me back if that sounds intressting. Cheers.

Jan-24-2012 / 11:37:54
  From: anonymous

Jan-18-2012 / 20:35:25
  From: anonymous
hmmmm how to draw more traffic to this?????

Jan-08-2012 / 16:08:54
  From: anonymous

Dec-28-2011 / 10:13:08
  From: anonymous

Dec-28-2011 / 10:12:50
  From: anonymous

Dec-27-2011 / 03:41:12
  From: anonymous
Damn link protection! Lol Google

Dec-18-2011 / 23:15:12
  From: anonymous
gaaa this needs to get more popular...

Dec-18-2011 / 23:14:32
  From: anonymous
heh.... why not just speak whats on your mind????

Dec-15-2011 / 08:04:13
  From: dontknowanymouse
It is Facebook without ads, games and friends... Yup could get popular with the trolls at least.

Occupy the cloud.

Dec-15-2011 / 08:01:57
  From: synonymous
So what is this about?

Dec-13-2011 / 18:24:11
  From: anonymous

Dec-13-2011 / 18:24:01
  From: anonymous


Dec-13-2011 / 18:23:51
  From: anonymous


Dec-13-2011 / 18:23:11
  From: anonymous


Dec-12-2011 / 23:17:40
  From: whoremonger
dun dun dunnnn

Dec-12-2011 / 23:16:48
  From: anonymous

Dec-12-2011 / 23:16:31
  From: anonymous
monkey **, are you back on nights yet?

Dec-10-2011 / 01:19:23
  From: anonymous
you would dildo haha

Dec-09-2011 / 17:15:55
  From: KUTGW
I for one really like this site!

Dec-09-2011 / 09:12:54
  From: anonymous
Yes to speek to the world!!! :)

Dec-06-2011 / 13:12:18
  From: anonymous
What's the point of this website? A place to just say something anonymously?

Dec-03-2011 / 10:00:22
  From: anonymous

Dec-02-2011 / 22:56:54
  From: anonymous
i know hahaha

Dec-01-2011 / 00:50:48
  From: anonymous
damn took you long enof to reply!

Dec-01-2011 / 00:23:18
  From: anonymous
a bit

Nov-30-2011 / 21:59:14
  From: anonymous
really now someone must be bored

Nov-30-2011 / 18:49:38
  From: anonymous


Nov-30-2011 / 18:49:20
  From: rocco

Nov-30-2011 / 18:49:02
  From: rocco
you shall never know H

Nov-29-2011 / 22:39:59
  From: anonymous
lol this is going to be interresting

Nov-29-2011 / 22:39:32
  From: anonymous
oo who might rocco be??? lol

Nov-29-2011 / 22:32:58
  From: Rocco
lol :)


Nov-29-2011 / 22:31:31
  From: anonymous
** you

Nov-22-2011 / 17:30:15
  From: anonymous

Nov-20-2011 / 17:49:52
  From: anonymous

Nov-20-2011 / 17:49:32
  From: anonymous

Nov-20-2011 / 17:49:18
  From: Tester
Good luck with the site!

Nov-16-2011 / 03:02:06
  From: anonymous
the test work

Nov-15-2011 / 21:29:31
  From: anonymous

Nov-14-2011 / 21:09:23
  From: anonymous
i wonder how long it will take for this to take off?

Nov-14-2011 / 20:59:25
  From: anonymous
good job!!!

Nov-14-2011 / 19:55:42
  From: anonymous

Nov-14-2011 / 18:51:13
  From: anonymous

Nov-14-2011 / 18:50:49
  From: who am i

Nov-14-2011 / 18:50:01
  From: anonymous

Nov-14-2011 / 18:40:42
  From: anonymous

Nov-14-2011 / 10:22:57
  From: demonmaestro

Nov-12-2011 / 14:31:09
  From: anonymous

Nov-12-2011 / 14:29:11
  From: anonymous

Nov-12-2011 / 14:28:45
  From: anonymous

Nov-12-2011 / 14:28:26
  From: anonymous

Nov-12-2011 / 14:27:07
  From: anonymous
this is a test

Jun-26-2011 / 00:31:26
  From: DemonMaestro
This is a test

Jun-16-2011 / 10:20:07
  From: DemonMaestro
And i shall ShouT Hello!

Jun-16-2011 / 03:20:46
  From: DemonMaestro
Bad **!! i hope it takes off... thanks!!